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[Origin of This Song] The composer Hidetoshi Nagamatsu (Chihiro’s father), from Kumamoto, Japan, has been volunteering for people with disabilities for a long time. There is a special train called “Himawari-go” which is a travel train project for people with disabilities. During his time volunteering for the train, a person with severe disabilities gave him a letter. ”I was mostly just staying home after I graduated from school, but my life has dramatically opened up because I participated in the Himawari-go.” Hidetoshi has said, because of this letter, he wrote this song.

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Chihiro & teh bluenotes lee's palace toronto music live show lees palace

March 2017 at Horseshoe tavern show chihiro & the bluenotes toronto live music

Lee's Palace show live concert toronto Chihiro & the bluenotes

Horseshoe tavern show july 2017 summer chihiro & The Bluenotes

Cameron House Photo Chihiro & The bluenotes concert

My Interview (ENGLISH)

Horseshoe Tavern Dec 19th 2017 Chihiro & The Blue Notes Monday :ive Show Music Night Japanese Pop Rock

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Kumamoto Japan Earthquake Relief Interview by CLTV

We organized an event to help the victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake which happened in April 2016. Creator’s Lounge TV released a video clip about the charity event we did. Subtitles available.

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