Piano Solo

“Wind On A Stream”

My pretty piano solo “Wind On A Stream” is released online!
Available on the services below.
Piano music sheet is available here

Chihiro plays very beautiful piano tunes that will melt your soul and bring you peace.
 found great comfort listening to her song “Wind on a Stream.”
Definitely worth a listen!

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TIDAL, Claro Musica.

Photographer Edward Ambrosius

“Beyond The Beat”

The sophisticated piano piece💜
It has a base of classical music that I’ve been developing since learning piano as a child, and jazz and blues that I discovered through my journey in Toronto🌹
Find this sheet music here.

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TIDAL, Claro Musica.

”Every Single Day”

A beautiful solo piano piece!
Find this piano sheet music here.  

l really lovvvvvvvvvved Every Single Day, amazinggggggggg piece of music or better said, amazing piece of “art” Listened to it like ten times yesterday, wow…..very inspiring Chihiro….amazing talent!!!!


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