Hey guys, today my album “15 Years of Majestic Notes” is released🥳Thank you so much for everyone who made pre-orders. I’m lucky to have such supportive friends and fans. You can download or stream this album on many services.

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15 Years of Majestic Notes by Chihiro Nagamatsu

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Composer/ Pianist – Chihiro Nagamatsu
Photographer: Edward Ambrosius

All the piano solo singles that were previously released will be taken down from the streaming sites after the album “15 Years of Majestic Notes” gets released on Oct 21st, 2020.
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Hey guys, you can now PRE-ORDER my upcoming piano album with a discounted price on Amazon or iTunes💜 You can also listen to the preview there. Thanks 😊

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15 Years of Majestic Notes by Chihiro Nagamatsu

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OCT 21st: Piano Solo Album “15 Years of Majestic Notes” Coming Soon!

Composer, arranger, producer and songwriter Chihiro Nagamatsu has a brilliant knack for wondrously combining folksy musical themes to her highly disciplined classical-inspired compositions. Chihiro wrote her first instrumental song “Umi” at the age of ten and although at the time she received positive feedback and encouragement, it wasn’t until Chihiro moved to Toronto in 2013 that she found the drive and the confidence to pursue a career in music full-time. Upon hearing the diverse and varied musical styles performed in this city, Chihiro fell in love with how musicians could play and compose freely without feeling judged. Her little sprout of creativity soon opened and fully blossomed and she has never stopped writing, arranging and recording since.

Chihiro’s new album “15 Years of Majestic Notes” is a collection of solo piano instrumentals exploring her work since she first began to compose. The first composition on this album “Beyond the Beat” was written instantly like magic as soon as she touched the keys of her newly purchased Yamaha digital piano. Chihiro says on composing “If I don’t catch an inspirational wave, it’ll go to another planet and never come back”. Nine songs are contained in this collection including the Christmas themed “With a Twinkle” and as a special bonus, her very first musical composition “Umi”. Enjoy!

SEP 4th: Piano Solo “Consciousness” Released!

Hey guys, hope everyone’s doing well. My dramatic piano solo “Consciousness” is just released online!! Please take a listen by streaming or download. Hope you like it.
The tons of notes shifts very quickly in this piece. If you’re not conscious in your life, it will go very quickly. This was completed with the influences of jazz, classical and folk music I encountered in my early days in Toronto.

It’s often very magical and unexpected when a new piece of music comes to my fingertips. It’s like a variety of music I felt in the recent past, piles up somewhere unconsciously, and one day it bursts out. Watch out when it does. I cannot do anything else but creating. For many hours I have to stay at the piano even when I get hungry. It’s priceless when music is overflowing to you. I cannot miss any of it, or it’ll be gone to another planet!

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Download this piano sheet music here.

Photographer Edward Ambrosius

The Law of Attraction (Drama)

Sharing some reels from the drama I scored this year. It was great working for this film. Hope you like it too. Nice cast and crews! A bunch of cues, different types of mood…it feels like it made me grow as a composer and that’s an added bonus.

JUL 28: “Under Your Spell” Aired on Radio @Kumamoto City FM

Recently released ballad “Under Your Spell” was aired on radio “Yururu Afternoon” show in her hometown Kumamoto, Japan @ Kumamoto City FM.

I received a lot of great feedback and I’d love to share some of them with you.

“Felt so special and emotional listening to Chihiro’s singing on radio”
“It was like a wonderful gift which can’t be replaced. Made me want to listen to it again. Sounded like Hikaru Utada’s ballad”
“Beautiful voice. We were all enchanted by listening to it. Love to hear it live”
“It was a song but like was talking to us. And we were all ears”
“The vocal and music were a great match. Reminded me of sunlight filtering through the trees”

JUL 25th: Piano Solo “Shooting Stars” Released

I’m not sure if everyone does, but when I really like some song, I’ll listen to it many times repeatedly for days. I hope to write such music which will attract you so much that you wanna listen to it many many times. Banzai!

My pretty piano piece “Shooting Stars” is just released!!
With a hint of classical piano,
very smooth
shooting-stars-like notes
will please your ears

Check it out! It’s available on the sites below. I’m planning to make an album when I have enough piano pieces to put it together. xo

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Download this piano sheet music here.

Photographer Edward Ambrosius

Neighbour (Musical)

Music Scored by Chihiro Nagamatsu

First part of a demo reel for Chihiro Nagamatsu (composer) of a clip from the musical short film “The Littlest Parchitect” (2019) by BrainPuddle Productions.
The film was written, shot, edited in 48 hours for the 48 Hour Film competition, including composing & recording of the 3 original songs.

Directed by Ian Mah
Produced by Ida Jagaric, Ian Mah
Director of Photography by Chris Berry
Written by Monica Cote
Lyrics by Natalie Garceaux
Grouchy Neighbour(the man) by Dave Martin
Ali Parc(the girl) by Li Chen

JUL 10th: Cover Song “Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies”

Hi there, I’m excited to announce that I just released a cover of maritime and Appalachian regions folk ballad “Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies”, which is beautifully arranged with vocal, piano and ocarina by Stephanie Coldwell-Anderson and Ian Green. It’s available on most online platforms from July 10th. This beautiful ocarina and piano music are very relaxing. Le’ts sit back and listen to this with family. Hope you enjoy.

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Photographer Edward Ambrosius

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