CHIHIRO NAGAMATSU / 永松 ちひろ(ながまつちひろ)


CHIHIRO is a musical visionary from Kumamoto, Japan who dedicates herself to writing songs that smoothly transform into cinematic and unforgettable pop pieces. She immigrated to Canada in 2017 and actively works in Toronto, Ontario. She is a member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada since 2019.

She grew up learning classical piano, singing folk songs with her father, while watching a lot of Japanese anime and manga. She describes that later they shaped her own music style “classy-pop”, a mixture of classical and pop ensemble with a hint of jazz. CHIHIRO’s piano performance brings the classical elements that she grew up with, while her voice moves the audience to experience a wide array of emotions.

CHIHIRO has performed live in many of the premier club venues in the Toronto area such as Horseshoe Tavern and Lee’s Palace. After graduating the audio production program at Harris Institute, she started to work in recording, mixing and producing, and collaborating with musicians and other artists. As she is always a passionate composer, with her musical/sound sensitive mind, CHIHIRO works on composing and arranging for films and commercial videos. Moving and playful. Her compassionate soul enables her to create a variety of amazing music, often in the styles of classical, orchestra, jazz, blues, pop and rock, scores from light ambient BGM to large scale productions.

Get in touch regarding your project via Contact. You are sure to make a lot of great achievements together. Keep checking on social media for the latest updates, and don’t forget to listen to CHIHIRO’s current releases under the menu MUSIC.

R E C E N T   N E W S

SEP 4th: Piano Solo “Consciousness” Coming Soon

The Law of Attraction (Drama)

JUL 28: “Under Your Spell” Aired on Radio @Kumamoto City FM

Recently released ballad “Under Your Spell” was aired on radio “Yururu Afternoon” show in her hometown Kumamoto, Japan @ Kumamoto City FM.

JUL 25th: Piano Solo “Shooting Stars” Released

I’m not sure if everyone does, but when I really like some song, I’ll listen to it many times repeatedly for days. I hope to write such music which will attract you so much that you wanna listen to it many many times. Banzai!

My pretty piano piece “Shooting Stars” is just released!!
With a hint of classical piano,
very smooth
shooting-stars-like notes
will please your ears

Check it out! It’s available on the sites below. I’m planning to make an album when I have enough piano pieces to put it together. xo

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Download this piano sheet music here.

Photographer Edward Ambrosius

DEMO REEL SHOWCASE: Neighbour (Musical)

Music Scored by Chihiro Nagamatsu

First part of a demo reel for Chihiro Nagamatsu (composer) of a clip from the musical short film “The Littlest Parchitect” (2019) by BrainPuddle Productions.
The film was written, shot, edited in 48 hours for the 48 Hour Film competition, including composing & recording of the 3 original songs.

Directed by Ian Mah
Produced by Ida Jagaric, Ian Mah
Director of Photography by Chris Berry
Written by Monica Cote
Lyrics by Natalie Garceaux
Grouchy Neighbour(the man) by Dave Martin
Ali Parc(the girl) by Li Chen

JUL 10th: Cover Song “Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies”

Hi there, I’m excited to announce that I just released a cover of maritime and Appalachian regions folk ballad “Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies”, which is beautifully arranged with vocal, piano and ocarina by Stephanie Coldwell-Anderson and Ian Green. It’s available on most online platforms from July 10th. This beautiful ocarina and piano music are very relaxing. Le’ts sit back and listen to this with family. Hope you enjoy.

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Photographer Edward Ambrosius

JUN 29th: Just Released “Under Your Spell”

Hey guys, my cozy ballad song “Under Your Spell” is now released online! It’s about thinking of your past, the person you loved once still haunting you in your head like you’re still under a spell. Very relaxing and spiritual music played by my wonderful musicians, Natalie Wong on violin and Naoko Tsujita on percussion. Hope you like it 🙂

Listen at the app/websites below. Download the free lyrics card here

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Photographer Edward Ambrosius

JUN 2020: Just Released “It Happens Just Like This”

Hey guys, hope everyone’s doing well. my fun jazz-pop song “It Happens Just Like This” is released online!
This is an exciting tune, singing about how a miracle can happen in your life. Don’t miss the cool Japanese phrase in the lyrics to wish you luck and I hope you can sing it along 🙂
Recorded with my classy band mates. Added a special brass section to the music.
Listen at the app/websites below. Download the free lyrics card here

MAY 2020: Just Released “Roots of A Waltz”

My piano piece “Roots of A Waltz”
Please take a listen from any services below and I hope you like it.
Classical piano starting with an old fashioned waltz sound, to the beautiful romantic theme and strong determination in the middle. I grew up learning classical piano and I was always amazed how beautiful and expressive a piano music can be. Hope you’ll enjoy this piece too. Download this piano sheet music here.

APR 2020: Just Released “Brain Trip”

MAR 2020: Just Released “Chipmunk Walk”

A jazz-classical-pop instrumental about a little chipmunk running around your neighborhood. Get the piano sheet music here

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Cavern bar Show Pic crown princess chihiro & the classy notes music dress crown nagamatsu toronto live concert

I’d like to share some of the heartwarming feedback I received:

“Beautiful set, and definitely some really classy notes. I was going to write that my favourite was “Muddy Mind Mist” but the more I listen the more I find new favourites… The accompaniment added some nice depth, altogether lovely harmonies. I really enjoyed listening and watching your show. Keep up the amazing work!!”

“Your music is really awesome and you’re very talented. I feel ashamed that I’ve missed so many of your concerts. Honestly, I really like your style and how you compose music. Also enjoyed the way you perform and the lyrics. Way to go Chihiro!! I’ll come back for future performances”

“I really liked your song “How Far You Are” It made me cry… My husband’s favourite song was “Roots of A Waltz” Very classy”

“I do have to say that anytime we listen to your beautiful notes it is just magical. Today at the Cavern, you make the experience even more original than ever. I should say that every time you surprise us with something new. Thank you for that”

“I am continually amazed by both your breadth of musical abilities, and the amazing diversity of your musical styles and musical connections. I am so grateful that a chance encounter has given so many opportunities to enjoy your music… P.S. “Komorebi” is my favourite Japanese word, thanks to you”

“I’ve seen you grow as a musician and the repertoire of your music certainly has grown! Bravo! I specially like the jazz like component that you have recently added as I’m a jazz fan. I think that you are amazingly talented composer, singer, pianist. I hope that you continue the creative journey in music and look forward to more!”

“The sound is impeccable!! I got goosebumps at some point. Everything sounds so perfect, every bit, every melody, volume is so balanced. Wow! I’m really enjoying the time here!”

Thanks for all the encouraging messages! Luv u all xoxo

Thanks poster chihiro & the bluenotes yusuke hiromi felipe horseshoe tavern toronto

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