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Chihiro & The Classy Notes will gladly be back to perform at Free Times Cafe on May 9th Thursday evening!
You will enjoy the classical oriented jazzy-pop & folk live music composed by Chihiro Nagamatsu, accompanied by the beautiful ensemble of piano, violin, bass, and percussion. We’re inviting a special guest for this show, flute player, Imi Oto!
The setlist will include Chipmunk Walk, A Drunk Horse, Showtime, etc…a few new tunes!

Note: We will have a good break between the two sets. Let’s hang and help us celebrate Chihiro’s upcoming birthday!

Date: Thursday May 9th 2019
SHOW 8:30-11pm
Venue: Free Times Cafe (320 College St, Toronto)
$10 cover

*Advance tickets available for student $5 and couple $15 until the day before the show. Contact via ChihiroBooking@gmail.com

Chihiro Nagamatsu (composer/ piano/ vocal)
Natalie Wong (violin)
Alex Purcell (bass)
Naoko Tsujita (percussion)
Imi Oto (flute: special guest!)

Imperial Pub Chihiro & the classy notes concert show live music

Imperial Pub Chihiro & the classy notes concert show live music


Check out my new video “いま光あびて Now The Light Is Raining Down On You” 2019-02-05


Origin of This Song:
The composer Hidetoshi Nagamatsu (Chihiro’s father), from Kumamoto, Japan, has been volunteering for people with disabilities for a long time. There is a special train called “Himawari-go” which is a travel train project for people with disabilities. During his time volunteering for the train, a person with severe disabilities gave him a letter. ”I was mostly just staying home after I graduated from school, but my life has dramatically opened up because I participated in the Himawari-go.” Hidetoshi has said, because of this letter, he wrote this song.

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Chihiro’s first mini albumBOX of PEARLS” is now available!

Get your CD at the live shows xoxo

Kawaii acorn stickers are also available! Online shop will be launched soon!

Thanks for checking out!

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Imperial Pub Chihiro & the classy notes concert show live music

Imperial Pub Chihiro & the classy notes concert show live music

We had an amazing night!! Thank you all for support❣️a lot of people came out and everyone seemed to enjoy the night with us😆We will be playing next on Thursday May 9 at Free Times Cafe!

Great and fun performance with you Naoko Tsujita, Alex Purcell and Scott Neary thank u♡ Lovely space and pretty lights. Thanks for having us and being a great host! @ImperialPub

Hiromis Farewell Show poster CHIHIRO AND THE CLASSY NOTES JANUARY 19TH 2019

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I’d like to share some of the heartwarming feedback I received:

“Beautiful set, and definitely some really classy notes. I was going to write that my favourite was “Muddy Mind Mist” but the more I listen the more I find new favourites… The accompaniment added some nice depth, altogether lovely harmonies. I really enjoyed listening and watching your show. Keep up the amazing work!!”

“Your music is really awesome and you’re very talented. I feel ashamed that I’ve missed so many of your concerts. Honestly, I really like your style and how you compose music. Also enjoyed the way you perform and the lyrics. Way to go Chihiro!! I’ll come back for future performances”

“I really liked your song “How Far You Are” It made me cry… My husband’s favourite song was “Roots of A Waltz” Very classy”

“I do have to say that anytime we listen to your beautiful notes it is just magical. Today at the Cavern, you make the experience even more original than ever. I should say that every time you surprise us with something new. Thank you for that”

“I am continually amazed by both your breadth of musical abilities, and the amazing diversity of your musical styles and musical connections. I am so grateful that a chance encounter has given so many opportunities to enjoy your music… P.S. “Komorebi” is my favourite Japanese word, thanks to you”

“I’ve seen you grow as a musician and the repertoire of your music certainly has grown! Bravo! I specially like the jazz like component that you have recently added as I’m a jazz fan. I think that you are amazingly talented composer, singer, pianist. I hope that you continue the creative journey in music and look forward to more!”

“The sound is impeccable!! I got goosebumps at some point. Everything sounds so perfect, every bit, every melody, volume is so balanced. Wow! I’m really enjoying the time here!”

Thanks for all the encouraging messages! Luv u all xoxo

Cavern bar Show Pic w Linda carone chihiro & the classy notes music dress crown nagamatsu toronto live concert

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Chihiro & teh bluenotes lee's palace toronto music live show lees palace

Horseshoe tavern show july 2017 summer chihiro & The Bluenotes

Horseshoe tavern show july 2017 summer chihiro & The Bluenotes

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Lee's Palace show live concert toronto Chihiro & the bluenotesLee's Palace show live concert toronto Chihiro & the bluenotes

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May bar live show concert april 7 2017 chihiro & the bluenotes

March 2017 at Horseshoe tavern show chihiro & the bluenotes toronto live music

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Horseshoe Tavern Dec 19th 2017 Chihiro & The Blue Notes Monday :ive Show Music Night Japanese Pop Rock