[Origin of This Song] The composer Hidetoshi Nagamatsu (Chihiro’s father), from Kumamoto, Japan, has been volunteering for people with disabilities for a long time. There is a special train called “Himawari-go” which is a travel train project for people with disabilities. During his time volunteering for the train, a person with severe disabilities gave him a letter. ”I was mostly just staying home after I graduated from school, but my life has dramatically opened up because I participated in the Himawari-go.” Hidetoshi has said, because of this letter, he wrote this song.

My Interview (ENGLISH)

Kumamoto Japan Earthquake Relief Interview by CLTV

We organized an event to help the victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake which happened in April 2016. Creator’s Lounge TV released a video clip about the charity event we did. Subtitles available.