CHIHIRO NAGAMATSU – 永松 ちひろ(ながまつちひろ)

Composer/ Singer-Songwriter/ Producer/ Pianist

Location: GTA, Ontario, Canada

CHIHIRO NAGAMATSU is an award-winning composer, singer-songwriter, producer. A bold musical visionary who is dedicated to creating music that smoothly transitions from grand symphonic crescendos to unforgettable pop melodies that are true, clear and timeless. Chihiro immigrated to Canada in 2017 and actively works as a singer-songwriter, film composer, producer and audio engineer at Number 9 Audio Group in Toronto, Ontario. In 2019 Chihiro was commissioned to write her first film score for the short film “The Littlest Parchitect” (2019) BrainPuddle Productions. Chihiro has since composed the score for the short films “The Law of Attraction” (2020) screenplay by David Drew, and “Silenced” (2020) screenplay by Mouthy Kid Productions which won Best Score Award in 48 Hour Film Project Toronto 2020. Currently she is working on songs for an upcoming 3D animation feature film. She is a member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada since 2019.

Chihiro was born in Kumamoto, Japan to kind, caring and devoted parents who loved to perform in many of the music festivals and other smaller events that her songwriting father organized. Chihiro’s first piano lesson was at the age of three and wrote her first song “Umi” at the age of ten. From a young age, Chihiro loved to explore musical improvisation that expressed her passion, her pain, her joys and delights. When the 2011 Fukushima earthquake struck Japan, Chihiro was so devastated by this event that she thought it was time to share her songs of hope, courage and empathy.

Chihiro moved to Toronto in 2013 and she found the drive and the confidence to pursue a career in music full-time. Upon hearing the diverse and varied musical styles performed in the city, Chihiro fell in love with how musicians could play and compose freely without feeling judged. Her little sprout of creativity soon opened and fully blossomed and she has never stopped writing, arranging and recording since. She has written over 70 songs, and performed at premier clubs in Toronto such as Horseshoe Tavern and Lee’s Palace, and worked with both Canadian and Japanese artists.

Chihiro’s massive range of musical styles frequently surprises her audience. Her sophisticated classical music background and Japanese anime that she watched growing up, compliment her music to be her own style. She describes it as “classy-pop”. She instantly absorbs an inspiration to heart and embodies the emotion to music.

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Won Best Score Award at 48 Hour Film Project Toronto 2020

Featured on JAZZ.FM91, and CIUT radio, Toronto, ON

Interviewed by “Toronto Star” newspaper as a female producer, Toronto

Interviewed by “TORJA” magazine, and Toronto Japanese Association of Commerce & Industry, Toronto, ON

Featured on Kumamoto City FM radio, and FMK radio, Kumamoto, Japan.

Won the 2nd place on the original music competition on indi .com in 2015

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The article by TorontoStar‬ newspaper on the Life & Entertainment front page. Check it online here

Feedback from Radio Airplay of “Under Your Spell”

I received a lot of great feedback and I’d love to share some of them with you.

“Felt so special and emotional listening to Chihiro’s singing on radio”
“It was like a wonderful gift which can’t be replaced. Made me want to listen to it again. Sounded like Hikaru Utada’s ballad”
“Beautiful voice. We were all enchanted by listening to it. Love to hear it live”
“It was a song but like was talking to us. And we were all ears”
“The vocal and music were a great match. Reminded me of sunlight filtering through the trees”


Cavern bar Show Pic crown princess chihiro & the classy notes music dress crown nagamatsu toronto live concert

Feedback from Live Performance at The Cavern in Toronto

I’d like to share some of the heartwarming feedback I received:

“Beautiful set, and definitely some really classy notes. I was going to write that my favourite was “Muddy Mind Mist” but the more I listen the more I find new favourites… The accompaniment added some nice depth, altogether lovely harmonies. I really enjoyed listening and watching your show. Keep up the amazing work!!”

“Your music is really awesome and you’re very talented. I feel ashamed that I’ve missed so many of your concerts. Honestly, I really like your style and how you compose music. Also enjoyed the way you perform and the lyrics. Way to go Chihiro!! I’ll come back for future performances”

“I really liked your song “How Far You Are” It made me cry… My husband’s favourite song was “Roots of A Waltz” Very classy”

“I do have to say that anytime we listen to your beautiful notes it is just magical. Today at the Cavern, you make the experience even more original than ever. I should say that every time you surprise us with something new. Thank you for that”

“I am continually amazed by both your breadth of musical abilities, and the amazing diversity of your musical styles and musical connections. I am so grateful that a chance encounter has given so many opportunities to enjoy your music… P.S. “Komorebi” is my favourite Japanese word, thanks to you”

“I’ve seen you grow as a musician and the repertoire of your music certainly has grown! Bravo! I specially like the jazz like component that you have recently added as I’m a jazz fan. I think that you are amazingly talented composer, singer, pianist. I hope that you continue the creative journey in music and look forward to more!”

“The sound is impeccable!! I got goosebumps at some point. Everything sounds so perfect, every bit, every melody, volume is so balanced. Wow! I’m really enjoying the time here!”

Thanks for all the encouraging messages! Luv u all xoxo

Thanks poster chihiro & the bluenotes yusuke hiromi felipe horseshoe tavern toronto

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2016 Kuamoto Japan Earthquake Relief in Toronto
CHIHIRO organized a charity event in order to raise donation for the victims of the earthquake which happened in her home town Kumamoto in 2016. Gathered volunteers, local musicians to perform, artists and companies to donate their painting or products for a silent auction, food caterings to sell food. We raised over three thousands dollars from the ticket sales and all the proceeds. and donated to Kumamoto City for the cause.

Kumamoto charity concert event earthquake relief toronto supermarket bar yusuke hasegawa chihiro felipe hiromi kuramochi jessica stuart carol oya

Performance Experience Examples in Toronto:

AXIS Gallery & Grill Amsterdam Bicycle Club Black Swan Tavern The Cameron House The Central

The Cavern The Cage 292 Duffy’s Tavern Edo Restaurants Free Times Cafe

Grossman’s Tavern Horseshoe Tavern Imperial Pub Izakaya Don Don Kramer’s

Kensington Lodge Lee’s Palace (Coming up May 5th!) Lola May Bar Not My Dog

Nightowl Pauper’s Pub Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya Supermarket Restaurant & Bar Smiling Buddha

Steelworkers Hall Tranzac Club Windup Bird Wailers 120 Diner


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